The DRI is a non-profit, independent research and educational institute that works on an interdisciplinary basis and promotes dialogue between economy, science and culture. Human development and global progress are linked - exploring this relationship is the strength of the DRI. In 2013, the Institute started activities in three areas - research, dialogue and education. The strengths of the DRI are interdisciplinary competence, innovative thinking and ethical standards. 


Among other things, the DRI propagates 

  • the addition of a "Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities" to the existing "Universal Declaration of Human Rights";
  • the increased consideration of psycho-socio-cultural factors for sustainable development;
  • supplementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with newly developed Human Development Goals (HDGs);
  • the establishment of a World Parliament at the UN (UN Parliamentary Assembly, UNPA); and
  • the promotion of the Global Ethic as an ethical guideline for people and institutions.