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About DRI

The Human and Global Development Research Institute (DRI) was established in 2013 as independent non-profit research and educational organisation. The DRI works on the basis of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The main mission of the DRI is to promote global development through a better understanding of the development of the world on one side and the development of mind on the other. 


The DRI carries out research, promotes dialogue and offers education 

  • on the external dimension of development as reflected in the UN SDGs;
  • on the internal dimension of development in the areas of consciousness, personality, mentality and culture; and
  • on the linkages between these two. This is the main strength of the DRI.

The DRI promotes, inter alia,

  • the amendment of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" by a new "Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities";
  • increased consideration of psycho-socio-cultural factors in the global discussion on sustainable development;
  • the amendment of the UN SDGs by additional goals that pertain to the the internal dimension of development as Human Development Goals (HDGs);
  • the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA). The DRI is the representative of the Campaign for a UNPA for Austria.
  • the promotion of the World Ethic as ethical guidance for humanity and institutions.
The Human and Global Development Research Institute
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